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Adult Forum: Topic and Location Change

January 4, 2017  
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“Living Together: Lessons from 1 Corinithians”
Discussion led by Robert Hierholzer
Does it seem like a challenging, even a threatening time to be a Christian? What should the local church look like and what should its members being doing in times such as these?

This is hardly the first time in history that Christ’s Church has faced difficult times. The Apostle Paul wrote his letters to churches existing in a hostile world. In some cases those churches were thriving, in other cases they were struggling.

In this class we will study what St. Paul had to say to the church at Corinth. In his first letter to that church, Paul reminds his readers that they are one body, and that they should, ‘strive to excel in building up the church.’

Note new format for Adult Forum:
We will be meeting earlier to encourage better attendance at Adult Forum and promote more fellowship gatherings.

Mia Cuppa Cafe
(Mark & Wendy deRaud’s place)
612 E. Olive
(just west of the old Landmark Restaurant in the Tower District)
11 a.m.

After we finish our class at around noon, the plan is to have a meal together and then drive over to the church (on the same side of town) for 1:30 service. That way, we can all visit during the coffee time after the service and still get home a bit earlier.

Lunch options after Adult Forum:

  • you can order food and/or beverages from Mia Cuppa’s delicious menu OR
  • you can bring your own lunch (microwave available) OR
  • eat before you come and just hang out with us OR
  • you can buy take-out from restaurants in the area and eat with us

Hope to see you there!
Adult Forum Flyer

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