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We are Moving!

September 10, 2016  
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St. James Anglican Cathedral and Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican churches are moving! St. James’ last Sunday at Cedar and Dakota will be Sunday the 25th of September and our first Sunday at our new location will be October 2nd at 1:30 p.m. at the Palm Avenue branch of Campus Bible Church at 222 E. Fountain Way, Fresno (two small blocks north of Shields on Palm avenue; See Google map).

Update: Our Lady of Guadalupe will be moving to hold services starting 1:00pm, 5:00pm, and 7:00pm at Saint Mary’s Anglican Church on the corner of Kings Canyon and Burgan in Fresno (See Google map). Thanks, Father Sclafani and your Vestry for hosting us. Please do be in prayer for another site as well, because our brothers and sisters at Saint Mary’s will be looking for a new home themselves in the near future.

This change is the culmination of a long process. The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin (comprising all of the valley from Sacramento south to Lancaster and East and North on the other side of the Sierras to Bishop) voted in 2006 and again in 2007 to separate from the Episcopal Church (USA) but remain within the 80 million member Anglican Communion by temporary acceptance into the Province of the Southern Cone, located at the bottom of South America. This vote carried by over 90% of our delegates! We made this decision in serious consultation with other members of the Communion (the Global South Provinces in Africa, South America and Asia) in order to remain faithful Anglicans who follow the Bible as interpreted by the Church since it’s founding by Jesus and the Apostles. We were distressed that the Episcopal Church was no longer abiding in the Faith, but began to ignore Scriptures in many areas of doctrine and practice. The ordaining of practicing homosexuals and the marrying of gays and lesbians were just two of the many practices and teachings the Episcopal church was either tolerating or blessing and encouraging. We wished to remain faithful Anglican Christians instead of suffering the increasing isolation from concerned believers in other parts of the world (who FAR outnumbered the Episcopalians and were growing rapidly). We later joined nearly 1000 other churches in the USA and Canada to form the Anglican Church of North America.

As we left, we invited all our member churches to vote either to join us or remain in the Episcopal Church. Those who voted by a majority of members to remain in the Episcopal Church were allowed to remain Episcopalian and keep their property and all their funds. To this day they have not been troubled by us in any way.

Nevertheless, in February of 2008 the Episcopal Church, rejecting our attorney’s offer to negotiate a settlement, launched a lawsuit demanding all the property of all our churches. After 9 years, the lawsuit finally ended with them being awarded all our properties. We were asked to leave as soon as possible and we are happy to comply.

We are looking forward now to a new identity and a new ministry in a new place. Pastor Jim Cecy and the saints of Campus Bible Church were kind enough to give to St. James Cathedral free lodging at their Palm Avenue Campus Bible Church for the time being as we save up and raise money to build a new place of worship. We are so blessed by the love of so many churches in Fresno who have been praying for us and helping us and encouraging us. This has been the first and greatest blessing of this experience; seeing the love of fellow Christians and knowing of their prayers and concerns for us. Yet to this date Our Lady of Guadalupe is still looking for a place to be for the time being. Please join us in praying for them to find a great place in which to continue to flourish. St. James and Our Lady of Guadalupe have shared this campus together for over a decade now and have decided to become one body and look for a new permanent place to worship as one congregation with services in English and Spanish. This too has been a good fruit of these past 9 years of suffering under a lawsuit. It has helped to bring us together and to humble us to discover the love we have for one another and to realize that the church really IS the people and not the buildings!

So come and join us for worship in English at the Palm Avenue Campus Bible Church at 222 E. Fountain Way, Fresno, and join Our Lady of Guadalupe in the location to be announced and come help us as we start afresh with Jesus Christ who will build His church out of our lives offered to Him.
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