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The Servant in Isaiah 49

February 28, 2011  
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Isaiah 49.1-22 The following are the sermon notes for the 8th Sunday after Epiphany, 2011 by Fr Van McCalister. Links to corresponding audio files may be found at the end... [Read more]

The King James’ Bible 1611-2011

February 18, 2011  
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The King James’ Bible is one of the greatest heritages of Anglicanism, along with the Book of Common Prayer.  This year is the 400th anniversary of the Bible’s... [Read more]

The Dean’s Dispatch – February 2011

February 4, 2011  
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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, What strange and wonderful times we are in!  I would not trade it for anything!  The Middle East is in enormous flux and we are witnessing... [Read more]

Updated links: Lectionary and BCP

February 2, 2011  
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A link to an online Lectionary, where you can read the scriptures (NKJV) appointed for the day, has been updated.  The Collect of the Day and Proper Preface are also listed.... [Read more]

Three-Legged Stool of Anglicanism – an essay by Dean Munday

February 2, 2011  
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A Stool or a Tower—you decide! The Very Rev. Canon Robert S. Munday, Ph.D. The classic Anglican theologian to whom later Anglicans have looked in speaking of sources of... [Read more]