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Financial Help for Medical Expenses

November 23, 2014  
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We have numerous needs of people who need help with medical expenses, like Suzy Gazlay, and others. If you can help with these needs, please make your checks payable to St.... [Read more]

Pledge Cards

November 22, 2014  
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It’s not too late to turn in your pledged cards. Just turn them in at the church office or put them in the offertory plate.  Read More →

Weekly Lawsuit Update

September 21, 2014  
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As of Sunday, April 19, there is new information regarding the lawsuit. The most recent update on the lawsuit is provided on the following link, dated April 15, 2014 from... [Read more]


September 16, 2014  
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We have a new prayer opportunity for those who attend Sunday services. Right after receiving communion you may find a person with a red ‘prayer vest’ (the vest... [Read more]


June 26, 2014  
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Uma Chand is putting together a fellowship team to help at the Cathedral when we are hosting events.  Please see Uma’s letter to the congregation regarding this ministry... [Read more]


June 26, 2014  
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If you would like to serve by preparing food for members of our congregation who are recovering from surgery or prolonged illness, become a “helping hand.”  We... [Read more]


June 26, 2014  
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A new ministry opportunity is being organized at St. James’. If you feel our Lord is leading you to comfort those institutionalized due to health concerns, please contact... [Read more]

Pastor Prayer Partner Program (PPP)

May 5, 2014  
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Without a doubt, our cathedral is on the verge of greater things than we have ever seen. As we move forward, we must have a strong, faithful prayer base. All great spiritual... [Read more]

Daughters of the Holy Cross Prayer Box

April 14, 2014  
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The Daughters of the Holy Cross have a prayer box for your prayer requests.  The Daughters will pray for you daily for one month or longer upon your request.  Cover yourself... [Read more]

Please Help Us to Minister to You and Others

April 7, 2014  
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If you or another parishioner have been unable to attend church or are ill, please let us know. We will pray for you, bring communion, and be of assistance if we can. Please... [Read more]

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